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Timing Your Pre- And Post- Workout Nutrition

Timing Your Pre- And Post- Workout Nutrition

Recent workout researchers show that proper and timing nutrition prior and after workout:

  • Speed up muscle growth and recovery
  • Optimize your health and physique
  • Enhance fat loss
  • Up-regulate metabolism

By eating the right food at the right time you will achieve these goals much faster.

Pre and post work out eating schedule

Timing Your Pre- And Post- Workout NutritionWhether you are an athlete or a newbie the best time to eat is 1-2 hours prior and 15 mins to 1 hour after the workout.

Your meal should consist of lean proteins, carbs, heart-healthy carbs, and water.

Pre workout protein and carbs intake

Studies have also shown that protein and carbs intake before work out has a greater impact on muscle building than eating them after the exercise. It also doubles your resting energy expenditure, i.e. the speed at which your calories are burnt while resting. Moreover, this nutrient combination helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Pre workout meals:

  • Bananas- full of fast digesting carbs and rich in potassium. It plays an important role in building muscle mass and also helps brain function.
  • Fruit and low or non-fat yogurt. Fruits contain good sugar i.e. sucrose and fructose while one cup of yogurt provides almost 50% o your pre work out protein needs.
  • Oats are loaded with slow digesting carbs, protein, fat, and fibers. Thus it carries the greatest amount of various nutrients.
  • Eggs and whole-wheat french toast.

These pre work out meals will provide your body with adequate energy, keep you from feeling hungry or even dizzy due to a low blood sugar.

Post workout protein and carbs intake

Timing Your Pre- And Post- Workout NutritionIt is even more important to consume proper nutrients after the workout than prior to it since your body now needs glycogen replenishment and muscle proteins recovery. What you eat after the workout influences the protein synthesis which has a direct effect on the muscle growth. It’s highly recommended to stick to slow digesting food because it supplies your body with casein proteins i.e. building blocks for muscles formation and amino acids blood suppliers.

Post workout meals:

  • Fat-free fillets, canned tuna, seafood
  • Chicken or beef with vegetables
  • Rice and potatoes
  • Protein shake with milk and almonds
  • Protein ice cream with light chocolate
  • Casein protein powder (you should drink it 30 minutes before bed )

All these meals help replenish the energy and vital proteins, minerals and vitamins lost through exercise.

Foods to avoid

It’s useful to know which food you should never eat be it before or after working out. Never eat fatty foods since it’s hard to digest and takes more room in your stomach. Also, avoid food which is rich in proteins but bad for your stomach:

  • Leafy greens such as spinach or broccoli. It will cause abdominal bloating and great discomfort.
  • Some of the sports drinks since they contain too much sugar. Opt for tomato juice instead and consider investing in a vegetable juicer to increase your vitamin intake with more fruits.
  • Raw seeds -sunflower, sesame or pumpkin seeds. They also cause stomach discomfort.
  • Protein bars

Finally, overeating is the worst thing you can do. It’ll make you feel sick rather than fit before you drag yourself to the gym.

Manual Exercise

Habits To Help You Live Longer

Habits To Help You Live Longer

The latest human lifespan statistics are telling us that we could live to 122. But since it always takes two to tango I bet it will be hard for us to meet our soulmate at that age or blow out all those birthday candles. So let us enjoy satisfied with the way things work now and that would be– 75 years average lifespan. It means you can live up to 67 or a 100. With this comforting thought in mind let us list the most common habits of people who have reached the century mark. However, we are not talking about exceptionally long lives only but happy ones as well.

  1. Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Habits To Help You Live LongerEven though it doesn’t sound like a habit believe me it’s one of the most powerful habits you should adopt. Every now and then we lose sight of our purpose and it’s normal. But it’s not normal to stay in that undesired state for long. Even if you are an unhealthy eccentric or perfectionist, you always have something to live for! Go for it! It could be a passion for anything in your life, your child, your career, your pet, your hobby, your anything. It’ll keep you busy, less bored and with no time to dwell on problems.

  1. Break Up With Your Enemies

If you think it’s easier to talk about it than to actually do it it’s not! Once you break free from just one negative thought, negative person, a negative habit you will feel like a prisoner released from jail after serving XY years sentence. This feeling will keep you getting rid of those energy vampires draining your energy!

  1. Eat Smart

Habits To Help You Live LongerI know it’s a buzzy phrase but it really helps. Think of a food as a medicine, and your medical check-ups wouldn’t be as regular as if you are pregnant. You just need a balanced diet. Eat 5 times a day in smaller amounts. You don’t have to cut down on potato, bread, rice or pasta. On the contrary, you should base your meals on these foods. 150 to 250 grams of protein per day will reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism. Drink plenty of water.

  1. Make Physical Activity Fun

Invite your family members or your peers to join you on a running track. Listen to music while running. Make a plan when and where to stop to catch a breath and be persistent. In the end, play hide and seek. Hiders will be winners and Seekers the losers of the race. You can also try a swimming-pool aerobics since ithas so low impact that makes you feel less exhausted than traditional step training. Yoga’s been proven to be one of the best practices since it influences and enhances both physical and mental health.

  1. Mix And Mingle

If you stay home bored the only person you will mingle with is a postman or a delivery guy. Join a chess club, dance club, hiking club i.e. whatever corresponds to your preferences and interests. Search for the best hangouts in your neighborhood. The odds are actually much higher that you will meet other people who are kind, friendly and outgoing just like you!

If you adopt all these habits you have a 50% greater likelihood to live longer and happier!


Elliptical Cross Trainer Benefits

Elliptical Cross Trainer Benefits

Elliptical Cross Trainer BenefitsThe elliptical trainer or X-trainer is one of the most fundamental gym equipment can be seen in recent days. It is typically found in the cardio section of a gym or health club. This stationary piece of exercise machine comes with a foot pedals and two long handles. It is primarily used to mimic stair climbing, running or walking without causing unnecessary pressure to the bone joints, therefore subsiding the possibility of impact injuries. Here are some stunning advantages of using an elliptical cross trainer.

1. Speed up Your Weight Loss

If you want to quicken up your weight loss program then the elliptical machine is really a good option for you. Currently, many people choose this equipment over traditional treadmills or bikes to accelerate their weight loss. People believe incorrectly very often that the cross-trainer is a simple exercise compared to running or rowing, but that’s not the scenario. Research suggests that if you cross train for about 30 minutes at a reasonable speed you can burn 200 calories without any trouble. However, in terms of burning calories, exercises on cross-trainers are practically identical with the treadmill, but can pretty often feel less stressful as numbers of muscles are used to create the movement.

2. Save Your Joints from Harm

If you haven’t used the cross-trainer as part of your fitness program, take a closer look of that because there are hardly any better all-around workout machines, as the benefits of this equipment go far more than fat loss. Exercises using the elliptical machine are impact-free and anyone can use it. It doesn’t matter whether you are fit or not. The movement is stress-free on your bone joints and you can control your own speed. Besides that, the cross-trainer confines certain body muscles, so that they get more engaged exercise. Running can have an impact on joints, and inappropriate form with paddling machines can prompt back strains but a cross-trainer reduces the stress applied to the bone joints, especially in the hip and knee. So, this makes an elliptical machine a phenomenal option for individuals who encounter joint issues or trauma.

3. Entire Body Workout

Unlike numerous cardio machines, you can get a whole body exercise from the elliptical trainer, because it is planned to tone several parts of your body with an easy flow, low impact movement. However, if you want to give your arms an effective exercise, you can do it by easily clutch the handles, pushing and dragging as you walk on the pedals. This works fine for the whole abdominal area, chest, and shoulders. In addition to that, other health advantages include healthy heart, strong bone, and increased lung capacity.

4. Vary the Intensity of Your Exercise

When using an elliptical trainer, you can either simulate a run, walk or a stair climb. If you want to change the type of your exercise, you simply need to vary the hindrance of the instrument and your movement speed.In the event, you’re trying to enhance your fitness level, shoulddo some high-intensity interim exercise. This includes adding some exorbitance bursts with periods of less intensity. Introduce yourself to the elliptical trainer on a small level for 5 to 10 minutes. When you are content with the effort and your ability to finish the session, you can enhance both the altitude and time on the instrument.

5. Avoid Injuries and Workout Safely

If you’re new to the fitness center, it can be cumbersome, and you may find many gears are hard to use. But, with its innovative design, the cross-trainer has overcome this problem as with the correct direction it can be learned within few minutes. More importantly, the elliptical trainer is one of the risk-free pieces of the machine in the gym. However, in many occasion, you may find people often get injured falling off the treadmill, or unfortunate incident happens in the free weights segment of the fitness center, but the elliptical trainer is hardly associated with this kind of injuries.

Finally, you need to make sure that you eat a healthy, balanced diet to fuel your cross- exercise sessions. The more exertion you put in, the more your body muscles will be tried, and the more fat you will burn, plus the better your overall exercise will be.

Manual Exercise

Benefits of Jogging That You Must Know

Benefits of Jogging

Benefits of JoggingThe benefits of jogging continue to pile up enormously. Apart from building your endurance and muscles, it has a strong impact on your mental health as well. You can start with 10 minutes quick walks before embarking on jogging. It’s better to start small and go for it than to give it up before you’ve even started. You can opt for outdoor or indoor track running. If you are in lack of a safe, easily available jogging trail and live in a country with severe weather it’s best to fix on an indoor track.

Whatever you chose, the benefits are the same:

  1. Oxygen Booster

It boosts your oxygen intake thus raising its levels in blood and increasing your lungs capacity. Remember, oxygen gives us 90% of our overall energy needs!

  1. Brain Booster

Thanks to the increased oxygen intake our brain creates new neurons resulting in better learning, cognitive and memory abilities.


While jogging our body releases endorphins, the hormone of happiness thus causing the state of euphoria. If you are low on energy, down in the dumps or an addict it will help you struggle with these issues. It’s been proven to act as an antidepressant even in the cases of severe depression.

  1. Immunity Booster

Jogging makes your body more resistant to infections and even certain cancers. One of the constantly growing surveys related that 61% of recreational runners experienced fewer colds than a person living a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Heart Booster

Regular runners are almost twice less likely to suffer from the heart disease since jogging reduces blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels and finally resting heart rate. Thus it strengthens our heart and prolongs its lifespan.

  1. Weight-Loss Booster

Generally, you lose weight because your body uses fat as a fuel thus lowering the fat percentage and increasing metabolic rates. To be more precise with 3,500 calories burned you will lose one pound. It’s best to opt for lower intensity run because it burns fat calories faster.


Jogging improves your sleep since it makes you feel more tired both physically and psychically. Reduced stress results in better and good quality sleep.

  1. Character Booster

An enviable number of psychology studies show that jogging habit makes you be more persistent, dedicated, goal setting- oriented. How? It is a challenge itself once that you will take up and face regularly. By doing so you will naturally adopt all the above character traits. You will learn down the road that no aim is to be achieved without perseverance.

  1. Diabetes Fighter

Jogging either prevents or control diabetes by lowering your blood sugar because muscles use glucose as a fuel. It definitely keeps diabetes under control if you decide on the lower intensity jogging. If you overdo it, however, your body will produce stress hormones and thus raise sugar levels in your blood.

If you get over the beginner’s hump and keep up jogging motivation you will win the fight against numerous health problems and enjoy calmer and better life.