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Benefits of Jogging That You Must Know

Benefits of Jogging

Benefits of JoggingThe benefits of jogging continue to pile up enormously. Apart from building your endurance and muscles, it has a strong impact on your mental health as well. You can start with 10 minutes quick walks before embarking on jogging. It’s better to start small and go for it than to give it up before you’ve even started. You can opt for outdoor or indoor track running. If you are in lack of a safe, easily available jogging trail and live in a country with severe weather it’s best to fix on an indoor track.

Whatever you chose, the benefits are the same:

  1. Oxygen Booster

It boosts your oxygen intake thus raising its levels in blood and increasing your lungs capacity. Remember, oxygen gives us 90% of our overall energy needs!

  1. Brain Booster

Thanks to the increased oxygen intake our brain creates new neurons resulting in better learning, cognitive and memory abilities.


While jogging our body releases endorphins, the hormone of happiness thus causing the state of euphoria. If you are low on energy, down in the dumps or an addict it will help you struggle with these issues. It’s been proven to act as an antidepressant even in the cases of severe depression.

  1. Immunity Booster

Jogging makes your body more resistant to infections and even certain cancers. One of the constantly growing surveys related that 61% of recreational runners experienced fewer colds than a person living a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Heart Booster

Regular runners are almost twice less likely to suffer from the heart disease since jogging reduces blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels and finally resting heart rate. Thus it strengthens our heart and prolongs its lifespan.

  1. Weight-Loss Booster

Generally, you lose weight because your body uses fat as a fuel thus lowering the fat percentage and increasing metabolic rates. To be more precise with 3,500 calories burned you will lose one pound. It’s best to opt for lower intensity run because it burns fat calories faster.


Jogging improves your sleep since it makes you feel more tired both physically and psychically. Reduced stress results in better and good quality sleep.

  1. Character Booster

An enviable number of psychology studies show that jogging habit makes you be more persistent, dedicated, goal setting- oriented. How? It is a challenge itself once that you will take up and face regularly. By doing so you will naturally adopt all the above character traits. You will learn down the road that no aim is to be achieved without perseverance.

  1. Diabetes Fighter

Jogging either prevents or control diabetes by lowering your blood sugar because muscles use glucose as a fuel. It definitely keeps diabetes under control if you decide on the lower intensity jogging. If you overdo it, however, your body will produce stress hormones and thus raise sugar levels in your blood.

If you get over the beginner’s hump and keep up jogging motivation you will win the fight against numerous health problems and enjoy calmer and better life.

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